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The Humane Society of Harlingen, Texas

Animals are our priority. Working together, the staff, board members, and volunteers ensure they are housed in a clean and safe environment and their basic needs met. They are fed, bathed, walked and/or cuddled accordingly. HSH also works to provide adoptable animals the opportunity to find forever homes. We promote pets in the local newspapers, news stations, and post our featured animals online through our website and Petfinder.com. We organize offsite pet adoptions, reach out to rescue groups, and manage foster homes for the young and the sick. Your shelter is working hard on behalf of the animals.

Animal Intake:

Hours : Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:00 & Saturday - Sunday 8:00 - 3:00

Adoption Hours:

Hours : Monday - Friday 12:00 - 5:00 p.m. & Saturday - Sunday 12:00 - 4:30


HSH Board of Directors
Vice President: Chandra Phillips
Secretary: Denise Butler
Treasurer: Dallas Van Koll
Board Member: Sharon Champagne
Board Member: Julie Christensen
Board Member: Sandra Delaunay
Board Member: Sue Gunnels
Board Member:Gail Downey-Roser
Board Member: Marge Sandusky
Board Member: Dr. Catherine Young

Executive Director: Kim R. Warunek

Assistant Managers: Misael Lerma

Administrative Assistant: Corrina L. Hunt

Adoption Counsel: Eileen M. Mahoney



We are a non-profit community shelter serving the greater Harlingen area. An all volunteer board of directors preside over the shelter. The animal care and daily operations are provided by a staff of eleven part-time and full time employees with auxiliary help from volunteers and community service workers.


The mission of the Humane Society of Harlingen is to make possible a better world for cats and dogs by providing shelter, educating the community about humane care, promoting spay and neuter and humane treatment, advocating animal welfare, and promoting the human-animal bond.


The Humane Society of Harlingen envisions a community where all animals receive appropriate care at all times, are treated with dignity and respect, and are protected from all forms of cruelty and neglect.

INTAKE Shelter Building

Our animals arrive from many sources animal control deliveries, citizen turn-ins and increasingly, owner surrenders. Additionally, animals turn up after hours anonymously in our after-hours drop-off cages. There is never a day without intake. The numbers speak for themselves; over the past years annual intake averaged 10,000 displaced pets.

Animals of every size and age are waiting to meet you at the Humane Society of Harlingen. You can view a selection of our featured pets by clicking on the Pet Adoption link. We also encourage you to follow up with a personal visit to the shelter to meet all of our furry residents. We are open every afternoon, seven days a week.

Please come with an open mind. Yes, our puppies and kittens are adorable and full of promise. And if a pure-bred strikes your fancy, check us out, over 25% of shelter animals are popular pure-breeds.

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS and help reduce euthanasia numbers in shelters!


Every day I hear people in the shelter and in the community say things like “someone should do something about the animal problem”. Our shelter is staffed 365 days a year. We are open for adoptions 7 days a week.

We take pets to PetSmart to showcase them for adoption, we go to pet friendly events and promote adoption. We work with the local media to showcase adoptable animals. Our rescue coordinator spends endless hours of her personal time networking animals to get them pulled from the shelter and then organizing and frequently transporting them herself to get them to the rescue groups who can take them. We go to as many school events as we can possibly go to in order to educate the young people on humane treatment and proper care of animals. We put on monthly vaccination clinics to provide affordable vaccines for the community. Everyone on the staff has fostered animals in their home on their time and at primarily their own expense. There is not a single person on my staff who has animals that are not spayed or neutered, we all set a responsible example by and practicing what we preach.


Our Mobile Adoption Trailer allows us to mobilize our adoption efforts and get our animals out into the community where we are able to reach more future parents and allow the animals to be introduced to those who may be reluctant or unable to come to the shelter.

With this trailer we are able to present up to 22 animals at a time, ready for adoption, in a climate controlled unit. Locations are determined by request.

The cost for this unit was $40,000. Fundraising efforts specifically designated for the trailer project began at the start of the year with the help of our Winter Texan Friends. We worked closely with them during their time in the Valley.

Our goal is to increase the numbers of adoptions by using the Mobile Adoption Trailer, allowing us to be more visible, in more places, in our community.

Thank you to all that supported us in this effort.



The Harlingen Humane Society opened its doors in 1989 in an older existing building located on Taft Street. The inside was given fresh paint and air conditioning installed. Volunteers cleaned and gave vaccinations, baths, medicine, walks, and lots of TLC to the animals. In 1995, the current shelter on Markowsky Street opened. The new facility enables the humane society to house three times as many dogs and cats and includes many amenities the old building lacked such as an education room, storage room, a quarantine area, laundry room, grooming room, and outside drop-off kennels.


With so many animals in need, sadly not all are rewarded with a second chance. You, your family and friends can choose to adopt. Unfortunately, there simply are not enough pet-owning households to accommodate the numbers not even close. Every shelter and rescue group is filled to capacity and cannot help every animal. Until pet owners take responsibility, the majority of pets born in every litter will pay with their lives sooner or later. Statistically, only one out of three will remain in a forever home. The humane answer to pet overpopulation is to spay and neuter your pets, do not allow them to breed. It is the single most important solution to reducing euthanasia in shelters.


Please give generously. And please support our fundraisers.Your charitable giving will benefit the homeless animals in our community. Pledging your financial support today will help wag the tails and kindle the purrs of many wonderful dogs and cats awaiting their journey to a better life.Your tax-deductible donation reaches countless animals and provides them with shelter, much-needed food and supplies, and our necessary daily operating expenses..

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS and help reduce euthanasia numbers in shelters!
Any questions? Please call us at: 956-425-SNIP(7647) or email us at: Harlingenhumanesociety@yahoo.com