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Lost & Found

Lost or Found A Pet?


For A Lost Pet

Citizens and animal control officers bring ‘lost’ and stray animals to the shelter every day. City shelters “hold” animals for 72 hours before putting them up for adoption or euthanizing due to overcrowding. Your pet could be euthanized too due to overcrowding at all shelters. This is especially the case at the county shelters where there are very few adoptions. It is best to come to each shelter within a 20 mile radius and personally check for your pet so there is no misidentification of your pet. Your pet could stray for days or weeks before arriving at a shelter, so come often to look for them.


(Photo on Left) Hope Cheshire is home with her family tonight. Little Hope was lost in Harlingen, and found in San Benito. A Good Samaritan brought her to HSH, where Hope was found to have a microchip. Thanks to her microchip, she is safe and sound once again.

Other important steps in finding your pet:

To file a Lost Report at Harlingen Humane Society: Please include your pet’s picture (a picture is a much more accurate description, and can be posted on shelter bulletin board for everyone to see). If you cannot come to the shelter directly, you may email your lost pet report and picture to: harlingenhumanesociety@yahoo.com – with “Lost Pet” in subject line), or fax to: (956)428-1022. You may call our front desk to report your lost pet, however, this does not allow us to include a picture, which can often make a big difference in identifying your pet.

Look for your pet at other nearby shelters and the county pounds. A partial list of county facilities that pickup animals in the vicinity of the HSH include:

  • ---> Cameron County Animal Control and Shelter: (956)247-3599/(956)361-8206
  • ---> Primera Animal Control and Shelter: (956)423-9655
  • ---> ACO Manual Lamas (956)226-3736 (includes Harlingen Country Club area)

You can also advertise in the Valleywide classifieds, however, there is a charge for Lost Pets. Contact Valleywide Classifieds –– The Monitor/Valley Morning Star/The Brownsville Herald/Mid-Valley Town Crier, at: www.valleyclassifieds.com or call: 1-866-572-SELL

Again, most shelters will only hold an animal 72 hours before putting it up for adoption,
transferring to local rescue group, or euthanizing. Look frequently for several weeks if not longer!

For a Found a Pet (without tag identification)

If you have found a pet you need to act fast.
People who have lost pets start their search immediately and then tend to scale down the search if there have been no results within about two weeks.

  • ---> Get pet scanned at HSH or vet clinic for possible microchip information (many cats and dogs now have permanent microchips)
  • ---> Distribute Found flyers with the pet’s picture to: shelters within 25 miles/neighborhood/vet clinics/businesses)
  • ---> See if local veterinarians or staff might recognize the pet as belonging to any of their customers
  • ---> Check lost ads in local paper
  • ---> Place a free Valleywide Classifieds “Found” ad –– The Monitor/Valley Morning Star/The Brownsville Herald/Mid-Valley Town Crier, at: www.valleyclassifieds.com or call: 1-866-572-SELL

Please plan on sheltering the found pet for at least two weeks. It takes time for all of this to come together. Remember we need to help the pet return home if at all possible..

If you do not hear from the owner within a time period that you feel is the maximum that you can continue to shelter the animal, then you should contact us about adding the animal’s photo to our Petfinder.com Adoption section, or you may relinquish animal to the shelter.

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS and help reduce euthanasia numbers in shelters!
Any questions? Please call us at: 956-425-SNIP(7647) or email us at: Harlingenhumanesociety@yahoo.com