A Letter of Love

I am truly honoured that myletter about my "Sammy" boy touched so many of you. Your tremendous generosity has carried the there are so many of you who share my passion in keeping the shelter open. Everywhere I go I run into people who tell me about their rescue dog(s) and or cat(s). The stories and circumstances vary but the one commonality is the way they each beam with pride and love as they tell their story. This confirms my belief that we are in fact the ones being saved.

As with Sammy one of the most difficult things a pet owner ever faces; is putting down their pet. I have learned that if you have been thinking it is time to put your pet down, it is probably past the time. You may not be aware, euthanasia is one of the many services the shelter provides, there is no set charge but we do ask for a donation.

The bond between Sammy and I was such that I had written instructions in the event I died before him he was to be put down immediately. I never wanted my Sammy to feel abandonment again. I have seen that scared confused look far too many times on older cats and dogs in the shelter, wondering why their lives have suddenly been shattered. As pet owners, we have a moral obligation to care for our pets in death, as in life. Regardless of your age, please make arrangements for your pets in the event of your death or incapacitation. Shelters are full of animals whose owners were not properly prepared. We do have a pet directive available for download. I urge everyone to fill one out for each of your pets, as the instructions could vary between pets.

On this website we have several exciting new features, one of which will allow for donors to sponsor spay and neuter online. Another exciting feature is the online pet registry. It is an opportunity for pet owners to send in pictures, descriptions and all pertinent information of their animals to the shelter, for emergencies such as a hurricane. You can also visit us at our Facebook page

In closing, I would like to remind everyone that the shelter's need is constant so please donate as often as you can and be as generous as you can. There are no donations too big or too small. As little as $10 will feed a litter of puppies or kittens for a week.

Thank you for continuing to make us one of your charities of choice.

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS and help reduce euthanasia numbers in shelters!
Any questions? Please call us at: 956-425-SNIP(7647) or email us at: Harlingenhumanesociety@yahoo.com