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Volunteer of the Year 2014

We Salute Volunteer of the Year

At any given time, you will find Mike White working on a project. Fortunately for the Humane Society of Harlingen, most of those projects benefit the shelter.

Mike has spent hours on end getting the security cameras placed, wired and working correctly. He is always making sure all of the tents used during our monthly Rabies clinics stay where we put them.

He has fixed so many things we can’t even begin to name them, and he is always willing to put up with questions regarding how we might make something better.
As you may imagine, there is never any shortage of things needing to be dealt with.

Just this year, Mike has completed two additional outside dog runs (the materials were donated by the three Lowe’s stores locally).

Then came the biggest project of 2014. Early in the spring, we were discussing the seemingly never-ending problem with respiratory illness in the cats being housed in the shelter.

While looking at the current cage door set-up (all wire fronted) and comparing that to the Isolation Cages (all Plexiglas fronted) they hit on the idea that maybe we could change the doors on the main cat cages. Mike was brought into the discussion and decided he would be willing to accept the challenge. This would turn out to be a much bigger undertaking than he had originally thought.

Mike began with 3 of the 36 cages. After deciding on and ordering the correct material for the doors, he discovered that the hardware was not going to work for the heavier materials. This led to new hardware being ordered. Then once the doors were placed on the cages and air holes were drilled, Mike discovered that there was still not going to be enough circulation for the cats to be comfortable with the new doors in place.

Back to the drawing board, which led to individual fans being ordered for each cage. Once those arrived and were fitted to the cages, we were in business! This whole project ended up taking about two months, but it has made an enormous impact on the health of the cats being housed in the shelter.


Mike is also always available to bring the trailer to do a recycle run, make a Sam’s Club run or hunt down something the shelter needs in order to function better.
The Humane Society of Harlingen is very appreciative of Mike White and his tireless efforts to make life better for the animals!


PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS and help reduce euthanasia numbers in shelters!
Any questions? Please call us at: 956-425-SNIP(7647) or email us at: Harlingenhumanesociety@yahoo.com